Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Louisiana CCA to Build Jacob Meek Reef

The Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana, in cooperation with Chevron and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, will build a new nearshore artificial reef, known as the Jacob Meek Reef, in South Timbalier Block 165 this week. A second reef will be built in South Timbalier Block 77.

Both projects are part of CCA’s REEF Louisiana program, aimed at rebuilding critical fish habitat that is lost when oil and gas platforms are removed from the water. Each of these new reef sites were home to platforms that have been recently removed, and were identified by anglers as desirable reef locations.

The Jacob Meek Reef (S. Timbalier 165)-This site 45 miles south of Terrebonne Bay is in about 91 feet of water, and is reachable from a variety of ports from Grand Isle to Cocodrie. CCA will deploy 45 specially designed 6’ x 6’ “fish houses” at this location using a modular grid design. The concrete structures will be spread out in columns and rows over 2-3 acres in an effort to optimize bottom contours and water conditions. The design will also create overlapping “feeding halos” where a variety of fish species may thrive. In these depths, it is likely that a diverse range of fish could call these reefs home, including species like red snapper, cobia and more.


The project is being built to honor the life of avid Baton Rouge angler and CCA member Jacob Meek. The site was chosen by Jacob’s parents John and Tiffany Meek, as the platforms in S. Timbalier 165 were some of Jacob’s favorite to fish with family and friends.

South Timbalier Block 77– Located about 25 miles south of West Timbalier Island in about 75 feet of water, the ST 77 reef site will also utilize 45 fish houses in to create new fish habitat. The size and design of this this project will be very similar to the Jacob Meek Reef, and will also provide habitat to a variety of nearshore species.

Funding for the Jacob Meek Reef and the S. Timbalier 77 Reef is provided by CCA’s REEF Louisiana Program and Chevron, along with matching funds from LDWF’s Artificial Reef Trust Fund. Additional funding is provided by members of CCA’s REEF Club. In-kind labor is being provided by Romeo Papa Boat Company. Materials are being donated by E & L Construction.

On Monday, members of the Meek family will be joined by representatives of CCA, Chevron, LDWF and other project partners to dedicate the reef to Jacob, and to make a site visit to view reef construction. Members of the media are invited to attend a dedication ceremony Monday at 10am at Point Fourchon Marina, followed by a boat ride to the reef site.

When the projects are completed, CCA will publish the GPS locations of each reef.

These projects will mark the 36th and 37th reef projects completed by CCA Louisiana and our partners, making up 42 unique reef sites and representing more than $20 million in habitat investment. In recent months, CCA has completed nearshore projects in West Delta 35 and Grand Isle Block 47, and Phase II of the Finfish Reef in Calcasieu Lake. Get more information about CCA’s REEF Louisiana Program, or learn about CCA’s previous reef projects.