Wednesday, February 21, 2024

St. Croix Rod Announces New Reps for Northwestern States

PARK FALLS, Wis. – St. Croix Rod announces that HM Outdoors will represent the company’s fly fishing brand and products in the Northern Rocky-Mountain and Pacific Northwest states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

The established agency headquartered in Bozeman, Montana enjoys a 26-year heritage of serving top manufacturers in the outdoor, fishing, whitewater, and hunting industries throughout the American Northwest.

“The Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest represent an incredible opportunity for us to reintroduce our brand’s unique heritage and exciting new fly rods to a community of anglers for whom fly fishing is a whole lot more than a hobby, a passion, or even a lifestyle,” says St. Croix Fly Fishing Director of Sales, Zack Dalton. “Travis and his team at HM Outdoors have proven themselves a trusted resource for the fly shops and professional guides that provide the core of the specialty fly fishing community here, and we couldn’t be more excited to start working together to support these anglers with the elite-level products, technologies, and service St. Croix provides.”

HM Outdoors Owner, Travis Morris, has lived his entire life in the area he serves. “I was raised a fifth-generation Sheridan, Wyoming kid to a ranching family” he says. “I fished wherever and however I could in those early years, and Ritz Sporting Goods was my hangout when I wasn’t fishing. I also took regular trips to see my aunt and uncle in Montana, where I’d fish the Bighorn, the Yellowstone, and dozens of other rivers and creeks. I eventually moved to Bozeman and went to school at Montana State (go Bobcats), worked to establish myself as a fishing guide, and served as General Manager for the Bozeman Angler for 12 years.”

Morris went to work as a Sales Representative in 2006 for Brooks Montgomery – the well-known fly angler and founder of what would become the Hart-Montgomery Agency and, later, HM Outdoors, the company Morris now owns.

“Our team at HM Outdoors is stoked to be working with St. Croix Fly Fishing for so many reasons,” Morris says. “I repped the company for a number of years and have a personal connection with the brand that goes back to the early days of my own fishing. It has always been an incredible company with a heritage of building high-performance rods in rural America for more than 75 years. And the team they’ve put in place now on the fly-fishing side of their business – Zack Dalton and Tom Larimer, specifically – are proving what can be done when you combine all those decades of rod-building experience with people who understand what fly anglers want and need. All you need to do is pick up and cast one of their new EVOS rods and you’ll understand. Like everything else St. Croix does, they’ve done premium fly rods right.”

HM Outdoors will officially begin representation for St. Croix Fly on February 15.

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