Wednesday, July 10, 2024

New Affordable Jointed Swimbait from BBZ Labs

Ontario, CA – FishLab Tackle, a company that is quickly becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions, is excited to announce the release of the BBZ Hard Swimbait. Designed by renowned lure designer and freshwater Hall of Fame angler Bill Siemantel, the BBZ Hard Swimbait is a game-changer for targeting big and hungry predatory fish.

FishLab’s BBZ Hard Swimbait is the result of months of design and testing with input from some of the top anglers in the industry. Crafted with intricate detail, the BBZ Hard Swimbait is specifically designed to lure in hungry gamefish from far distances. These expertly crafted baits are the perfect addition to any angler’s arsenal and feature a four-piece design that mimics the swimming action of minnows and other baitfish, creating a lifelike and irresistible allure.

The bait will come in seven tournament-inspired colors that can be used for any type of fishing or water conditions. The BBZ Hard Swimbait is equipped with tournament-grade BKK treble hooks to ensure that big fish stay hooked and pinned. Its super slow sink/suspending action allows the bait to hang in the water column near structure, making it versatile for various fishing techniques. It also features a hybrid tail design that ensures a lifelike swimming action, adding to the lure’s overall appeal and effectiveness.

“This bait is the result of dedication and hard work from our team,” said Lure Designer, Bill Siemantel. “The realistic swimming action and high-quality components make this lure incredibly effective, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience the thrill of catching big fish with it.”

The BBZ Hard Swimbait will start at a $17.99 retail price. For more information, please visit

About FishLab

At FishLab we learn by doing. The water is our lab, and we love research! We know there’s a reason when a lure works, and that angling is part art and part science. It’s a puzzle where the pieces constantly change, sometimes in our favor… sometimes not. But, by applying decades of experience, bold creativity, a little patience, and a lot of time on the water, we can better the odds of finding that successful formula. We know that making effective lures means understanding the target fish and the food they eat… and we do! FishLab lures are realistic, scientifically accurate, meticulously crafted, well made, and designed for one purpose… to catch fish! FISHLAB. SCIENCE OF THE STRIKE.