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SEVIIN Reels are Lab Tested

SEVIIN Reels aspires to deliver anglers with the most reliable and dependable reels available. "We operate on a 'Trust but Verify' basis with all our suppliers and partners," Woods says. "That means, in addition to the required performance testing data provided by our partners, we perform our own in-depth, comprehensive testing on every production run of reels to assure we are providing anglers with durable and reliable performance – hallmarks of our brand."

To this end, SEVIIN and St. Croix engineers designed and built an advanced testing laboratory inside the St. Croix Factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin. Here, computer-operated purpose-engineered testing equipment continuously performs 17 distinct tests on SEVIIN GS and GX Series spinning reels.

"We aren't required to do any of this, and I'm not aware of another reel company that performs this level of testing in its own laboratory," says Woods.


Temperature Test
Place reel in a freezer at 15 degrees F for 24 hours. Then place in an oven at 180 degrees F for 24 hours. Reel must remain functional with no change in gear feel. Warpage beyond .004” between mating parts will not be acceptable. All labeling must remain properly attached. Test required for two reels while reversing the testing on the second reel going from hot to cold.

Humidity/Salt Spray Test
Reel should be tested to meet the service requirements by being subjected to the ASTM-B368 standard method of salt spray testing for a period of 168 hours. Warpage of parts must not create a gap larger than .004” between mating parts. Labels must remain properly attached. Parts must show no sign of blistering, corrosion, peeling or rusting.

Chemical Resistance Test
Using cotton cloths saturated in the solutions specified below, thoroughly wipe the exterior of the reel ensuring that each type of material on the reel is covered with each solution. Let the exposed surfaces stand for 24 hours in an oven at 180 degrees F. Visually evaluate the effects of the chemicals after removal from the oven. Chemicals/substances to be included in the test are: sunscreen, insect spray, WD40, plastic worms. Reel must remain functional and cannot melt or deform. Paint and graphics must remain intact.

Ultraviolet Exposure Test
Place reel in chamber with 18” of distance from a high-intensity ultraviolet light source for a period of 168 hrs. Labels must not bubble or come loose. Any color changes or fading of labels and components is not permitted.

Dunk Test
One cycle of dunking the reel into water for 5 minutes and then let air dry for 24 hours. Repeat cycle 10 times. Reel must show no signs of blistering, corrosion, peeling or rusting.

Trip Life Cycle Test
Reels shall complete 40,000 cycles (cycle consists of opening bail and then re-engaging with the handle). Reel must remain functional after testing.

Gear Endurance Test
Reel must complete 40,000 handle revolutions with a 5-lb. load resistance applied to the line. Reels must function properly, and gears must feel free proper.

Drop Test
With the reel loaded with line and mounted on a metal rod weighing 10 oz, the reel is dropped 24” for a total of 10 times. No breakage or bending is acceptable.

Spring Click Wear Test
With the drag set to the lightest position, cycle the spool for 20,000 revolutions. Spring-click mechanism must withstand and function properly upon completion of test.

Anti-Reverse Shock Test
Fill spool with line and mount to a rod suitable for the reel size and line. With the drag in full lock down position, shock test the anti-reverse for a total of 50 times per the specifications below for each reel size. Anti-reverse must remain functional after testing.

Size 750-1500: 1.2 lbs. of force
Size 2000-3000: 2.4 lbs. of force
Size 3500-4000 (and up): 2.8 lbs. of force

Gear Strength Test
With the reel filled to the spool specifications, the reel must retrieve a 6-lb. load for 50 feet. Repeat 10 times. Gears must remain solid, free of any defects. Reel must be capable of retrieving 10 lbs. of load for one full handle rotation. Repeat test 10 times. Gears must remain solid and free of any defects.

Drag Performance Test
With the reel filled to the spool specifications, set the drag at 4 lbs. in the dynamic pull. Strip line from the reel at a rate of 220 ft./min. for 100 feet. Line tension during drag operation shall not vary more than 20% including the initial breakaway at the start of the test.

Drag Lock Down Test
With the reel filled with line, the drag must be capable of releasing to the minimum specifications below allowing a 20% variance.

Size 750-1500: 8 lbs. of force
Size 2000-2500: 16 lbs. of force
Size 3000: 18 lbs. of force
Size 3500 (and up): 20 lbs. of force

Bail Trip Force Test
Using a force gauge, test the amount of force it takes to trip the bail from the open position to the closed position. Reels must perform within the following ranges:

Size 750-1500: 1.3 lbs. to 4.lbs. of force
Size 2000-3000: 1.3 lbs. to 5.4 lbs. of force
Size 3000 (and up): 2.5 lbs. to 5.4 lbs. of force

Drag Sticking Test
Drag is to be tightened to the maximum lock-down force for 24hrs. Release drag to the full off position. Drag must not exceed .5 lbs. of force at the initial breakaway state. Reel must function properly.

Field Testing
Field testing performed by designated personnel who will report to the Product Manager. Field testing will include testing in normal conditions during the current state of testing.

Shipping Test
This will be evaluated and reported by the field testers upon receipt of the reels. Reels must be undamaged upon receipt by the field testers.

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