Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hobie Duo Collection Offers RX Option

Oceanside, CA – When it comes to eyeglasses, Hobie® Eyewear makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors with crystal-clear vision. Featuring prescription (RX) ready eyeglasses that are as stylish as they are competitively priced and options to convert your eyeglasses to polarized protection, Hobie® Eyewear has everything you need for sun-soaked days ahead. The Hobie® DUO Collection frames easily snap onto eyeglasses through advanced technology, and the conversion to a polarized lens is automatic. It's truly like magic. The Hobie® Eyewear DUO Collection frames transfer so seamlessly from eyeglasses to polarized sunglasses that it seems impossible.

The DUO Collection is the next step for those wanting to protect their eyes even further, as polarized protection gets added into the equation. The DUO Collection includes three classic, stylish frame designs that vary in shape and size. These glasses are ideal for anyone who spends significant time indoors and needs prescription glasses but spends every free moment outdoors, whether fishing, hiking, biking, or enjoying some other outdoor activity. The glasses use strong magnetic clips to attach premium polarized lenses to comfortable and stylish matching frames, with a connection that makes the two layers virtually undetectable and includes an integrated hook for added security.

"As an eyeglass wearer and avid fisherman, the DUO collection is essential for me on and off the water," said Stephen Vaughan, Sr. Director of Product Development for Hobie® Eyewear. "I'll go from wearing my DUO Lennox optical frames while working to using them an hour later at the local pond with the polarized lens clips. While fishing, I can easily switch between clips as the conditions change, thanks to the magnetic quick change system. The magnetic lens clips are designed for each style so they don't look clunky and awkward like traditional universal clips-ons or fitovers.”

Lifelong North Carolina angler and charter captain Jerry Dilsaver has found success with the Hobie® DUO Collection frames over alternative options, “I have tried transitions, but transitions did not have the polarization. With the DUO system, you buy the prescription once and use the polarized clips to change the colors and polarization you want. It is much less expensive and works just as well.”

The Hobie® DUO Collection frames, which retail at $80, with additional clip-ons costing $40, include the Bells, Crescent, and Lennox. Satin Black frames are flexible, durable, and constructed from Aerospace injection Ultem material, which auto-conforms to different face sizes.

"Our DUO Collection offers unmatched value to those who require corrective vision," said Marketing Manager Dylan Coates. "Typically, prescription sunglass lenses can cost well over $300, depending on your script or if you require progressive lenses. Also, if you like different lens tints, multiply that cost by two or three. With our DUO Collection, you have one much less expensive set of standard lenses installed into the frames and can seamlessly switch between polarized lens clips in various tints. As an Rx customer, you're saving hundreds of dollars while adding more sunglass options to your arsenal."

Polarized polycarbonate lenses are HydroClean™ 360° coated to shed water, oil, sunscreen, and dust and come in several lens colors to provide superior functionality for everything from driving to wade-fishing a trout stream and for various light conditions. All provide 100 percent UV protection. Notably, Hobie® Eyewear glasses come with a protective hard zippered case, additional storage pockets, and a backing with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

A great way to try out the Hobie® DUO Collection is with their upcoming flash sale, which runs Tuesday, September 12 through Wednesday, September 13. The sale features 20% off frames and lenses through their prescription lens partner, Lensabl. For more information, visit

Get protected today in the RX-ready and polarized protection eyeglass line options with Hobie® Eyewear.

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