Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Aquasport Production to Move to Florida

Florida-based boatbuilder Twin Vee PowerCats Co., a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of power sport boats, is moving the manufacturing of Aquasport products from Tennessee to its Fort Pierce, Florida facility.

According to the company, the decision is driven by the desire to increase efficiency and implement cost-saving initiatives throughout its brands.

“We believe by bringing production for both the Twin Vee and Aquasport brands under one roof, we can not only reduce our overall costs, but also enhance the quality and speed of our boat production,” says Joseph Visconti, CEO and president of Twin Vee PowerCats Co. “Our integrated management team will have the capacity to supervise both product lines together and help optimise operational effectiveness.”

Twin Vee PowerCats recently completed its purchase of the Aquasport boat brand in Tennesse and has decided to merge its LFG Marine monohull brand into the new subsidiary.

Twin Vee’s Fort Pierce factory is currently in the process of expanding its floor space by approximately 30,000 square feet, increasing the total area of its boat-building facility to nearly 100,000 square feet of production space.

The company plans to add another manufacturing line to increase its production output once the expansion is completed.

“The ability to construct more boats will allow us to build both Twin Vee and Aquasport boats simultaneously without workflow disruption and paves the way for both brands to continue their growth and scaling efforts,” says Visconti.

Despite the change, the company continues to develop new Aquasport products. According to Visconti, Aquasport will soon introduce a 24-foot centre console boat and a 28-foot centre console boat to Aquasport’s model lineup.

“We are dedicated to investing in the iconic Aquasport brand,” adds Visconti. “This production consolidation is a strategic move that we anticipate will allow both Aquasport and Twin Vee to position themselves for future growth and continued success.”