Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Al's Goldfish Catches Everything!

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Summer is finally here, and anglers are gearing up to hit the lakes in search of delicious freshwater fish such as crappie, bass, and perch. Al’s original Classic Goldfish lures are an absolute must-have for those looking to maximize their success on the water.

Since 1952, Al’s Classic Goldfish lure has been a favorite among fishermen, and for good reason. This iconic lure offers a carefully curated selection of colors and patterns that have proven highly effective with anglers of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these core colors are guaranteed to bring you success with a variety of species.

One of the most versatile lures on the market, Al’s Classic Goldfish can be used in various fishing techniques. Whether you prefer casting and retrieving, vertically jigging, or even trolling, this lure has got you covered. Its unmatched versatility makes it a go-to choice for anglers looking to target different species and fishing conditions.

When targeting schooled-up, deep-water panfish like crappie and yellow perch, vertically jigging with small spoons like Al’s Classic Goldfish has proven to be deadly. The right lure color is crucial in these situations. While perch typically respond well to bright colors like white and chartreuse, they may also prefer more natural brown and green tones that imitate crayfish and other prey. Metallic colors that create light and flash imitating small baitfish, are also highly effective, especially in murky or cloudy water. Starting with the smaller 3/16 oz. Goldfish size is the key to success in this scenario.

Bass fishermen can also find great success by vertically jigging in deeper water away from the shoreline. By using their electronics to pinpoint submerged structures, anglers can then use either a ¼- or ½-oz. Goldfish lure. A technique that has proven effective is to stop the lure just before it reaches the top of the vegetation or structure, give it one quick pop, and then let it flutter back down. By watching the sonar screen for marks indicating bass, anglers can raise the lure a foot or two, stop, and then slowly flutter it down again. This technique often leads to exciting hook-ups. Of course, the Classic Goldfish also shines when cast and retrieved at first and last light when bass are up shallow, setting ambushes for passing baitfish near points, drop-offs, and along vegetation lines.

Al’s Classic Goldfish lures come in three sizes, each with unique specifications and available colors. The 3/16 oz. size measures 1 ½-inches long and comes with a #7 treble hook, offering anglers a choice of 13 vibrant colors. The ¼ oz. size measures 2 inches long and features a #6 treble hook, also available in 13 colors. Lastly, the ½ oz. size measures 2 ¾-inches long and is equipped with a #2 treble hook, available in 10 colors. The suggested retail prices for these made-in-the-USA Classic Goldfish lures range from $5.29 to $5.99 for the 3/8 oz. and ¼ oz. sizes, and $7.20 for the ½ oz. size.

For more information on Al’s Goldfish and its entire line of lures and fishing accessories, visit or contact them directly at 413-543-1524.

About Al’s Goldfish Lures: Purchased by Fin Rage Tackle LLC, based in Green Bay, WI, in July 2023, Al’s Goldfish Lures was begun back in 1952, when Al Stuart developed a pioneering spoon and began marketing it through Stuart’s Sport Shop in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts. With the help of legendary fishing personality Gadabout Gaddis, the lure quickly gained popularity, and the company was off to the races. Today, all of the company’s lures are made of solid marine brass, are plated by a jewelry plater, and are hand-painted. All of the gold lures are plated in 22k gold, which makes them super shiny, then finished with top-quality components, so you don’t ever have to go home and put new hooks and rings on these out of the package! It’s all made in the USA and back with a “if you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right by you” guarantee.