Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Underway

The 2024 nesting season in Florida is off to a slow start compared to last year – except for the leatherback! The preliminary statewide nesting totals as of April 30th are as follows:
- 400 loggerhead nests (1,410 in 2023)
- 0 green turtles (3 in 2023)
- 735 leatherback nests (640 in 2023)
- 2 confirmed Kemp’s ridley nests (6 in 2023)
Thanks to all of the partners involved in this outstanding community science effort to document sea turtle nesting activity across the state! Here are some ways you can help conserve sea turtles:
- Keep Beaches Dark: Turn off lights not necessary for human safety after sunset and remember to cover beach-facing windows that may confuse nesting turtles and hatchlings.
- No Flash: Avoid using flashlights, bright cellphones, and taking flash photos on the beach at night. These lights can disorient turtles and potentially cause them to crawl away from the ocean and put themselves at risk.
- Clear The Way: Before leaving the beach, clear away furniture, boats, toys, and any trash left behind on the sand that can potentially become obstacles for crawling turtles. Make sure to knock down sandcastles and fill in holes – turtles can potentially get trapped.
- Stash the Trash: Prevent entanglements and keep our state beautiful by cleaning up after yourself and others when available.
- Most importantly, keep your distance and report any sick, injured, entangled, or deceased sea turtles to FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922. Learn more about sea turtle nesting on our web page.