Wednesday, February 21, 2024

NEBO Pinnacle 1600 Power Station for Fast Recharge

Ft. Worth, TX – A reliable power source is crucial in a world increasingly filled with devices and tools that require charging or recharging. Nothing could be more critical than having power when and where needed, whether on a remote job site or while camping.

The need to recharge products can be frequent and sometimes inconvenient. Whether using a power saw while building a structure in the woods, a cell phone for emergency use when camping, or powering up a laptop to work remotely, having a reliable power source to recharge these items can bring peace of mind. The need for power is at a premium.

NEBO has addressed these power needs with its new PINNACLE 1600 Power Station.

The PINNACLE 1600 provides 1600 watts of off-grid power and 12-way device charging. Its rugged design, sturdy anchor points, protective port covers, and solar capability allow versatility and portability for any outdoor experience.

The PINNACLE 1600 is AC, DC and solar rechargeable while offering 2 USB-A, 2 bi-directional USB-C, Wireless, 4 AC and 3 DC charging options. It utilizes pass-through charging with Swift Charge™ Technology. The PINNACLE 1600 also employs NEBO Overdrive™ and Pure Sine Wave Technology, offering an uninterrupted power supply with Smart Battery Protection.

It uses Smart Charge Technology while offering a broad range of device compatibility. It also has a floodlight with four settings and a color LCD screen for easy use. The PINNACLE 1600 is easy to operate, with front position buttons for recharging and floodlight operation.

So, whether powering a skill saw to build a cabin in the woods, a laptop or cell phone battery when a device is needed, or a light for a card game at a campsite, the PINNACLE 1600 Power Station will prove to be an invaluable tool to keep the power flowing anywhere portable power is needed.

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