Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Suzuki Marine USA 4-4-2 Program

Suzuki Marine USA has unveiled a new national dealer program to help get boaters into fuel-efficient and clean Suzuki 4-stroke outboard technology while properly scrapping/recycling their old two-stroke motors. The program — named “4-4-2” (meaning 4-stroke for 2-stroke) — was introduced at the 2024 Minneapolis Boat Show and will be rolled out nationally in Q1 2024.

Through its 4-4-2 Program, Suzuki Marine will provide additional discount options to the dealer that can be passed along to customers on top of what they give on trade for the engine. To qualify for the program, the dealer must scrap/recycle the 2-stroke outboard engine, and the money the dealer receives from scrap will be donated to an environmental organization of the dealer’s choice. Under the program, dealers can accept in trade any brand or size of 2-stroke outboard, regardless of age or condition.

Over a period of years in the 1990s, outboard manufacturers mostly shifted from 2-stroke engines to 4-stroke technology to meet increasingly stringent EPA air quality regulations. In addition to producing far fewer emissions, 4-stroke outboards were heralded for their ease of use, fuel efficiency and long-term reliability. Even with all these advantages and modern 4-strokes available in all sizes (Suzuki’s 4-stroke lineup goes from 2.5 to 350 horsepower) there is still a surprising number of old, smoky 2-strokes on boats across the country.

“We worked on a pilot program over the summer with our dealer Dan Chesky of Dan's Southside in Minneapolis,” said Brandon Cerka, Suzuki Marine General Manager Sales and Marketing. “He was very successful, and this got us excited about the benefits of expanding the program nationally to help our dealers move customers into clean burning Suzuki
4-stroke technology — while getting as many old 2-stroke motors off the water as we can,” added Cerka.

Representatives of Suzuki Marine and Dan's Southside met with MN-Fish during the Minneapolis Boat Show to kick off the 442 program and will be donating a $4,000 donation to MN-Fish Executive Director Mark Holsten for all the 2-stroke outboards converted and scrapped during the pilot period. MN-Fish (Minnesota Sportfishing Foundation Coalition) is a non-profit representing the interests of all Minnesota anglers, clubs, local organizations, and industry stakeholders. Suzuki Marine generously agreed to match the initial $4,000 donation to MN-Fish to double the positive impact and give the program strong momentum. “We know this program is going to generate more awareness for our engines and show we’re serious — along with our dealers and customers — about improving the health of our lakes, rivers and oceans,” added Cerka.

Suzuki’s 4-4-2 Program incentives and dealer support apply to the sale of any new Suzuki outboard from 2.5 to 350 horsepower.

Suzuki Marine has led the boating industry with a variety of environmental initiatives, including introducing the only Micro Plastics Collecting Device for outboard motors, partnering with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to promote renewable marine fuels to the industry and policy makers, and the ongoing Suzuki CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, which focuses on cleaning and protecting our planet’s oceans around the world.

About Suzuki Marine
Suzuki is a leading manufacturer of 4-stroke outboard motors ranging from the ultra-portable 2.5 horsepower to the flagship DF350 V-6 with contra-rotating dual propellers. Over the years, Suzuki outboards have won nine Innovation Awards from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) for motors as small as 25 horsepower, demonstrating Suzuki’s commitment to making the best technology available to the widest possible audience. Over the past few years, Suzuki Marine USA opened a U.S. Marine Technical Center in Panama City, Florida and moved to a new corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, to be closer to the heart of the U.S. boating industry and boating capital of the country. Through its CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, regional cleanup and habitat restoration efforts around the world, and company-wide plastic waste reduction efforts, Suzuki has demonstrated a commitment to protecting coastal and marine habitat at home and around the world.