Wednesday, February 7, 2024

New ChatterBait Elite EVO and ChatterSpike™ Bladed Jig Trailer Now Available

Ladson, SC– In the quest for crafting high-grade fishing lures, achieving fish-catching excellence remains, by necessity and nature, a labor of love. The process draws designers down ever-intriguing paths, each paved with its own set of obstacles and on-water tryouts. For the architects of Z-Man® lures, in fact, getting it right is just as much about achieving certain specific swim-actions, vibrations and underwater reactions as it is about physical anatomy, texture and appearance.

Cementing its legitimacy among angling insiders, the new Z-Man ChatterBait® Elite EVO™ won Best Freshwater Hard Lure at the 2023 ICAST show. Awards add credibility, no doubt. But what really matters are stamps of approval from from everyday anglers, having tied the new lures to their line and experienced those first exploratory casts into the abyss.

Following abundant anticipation for the year’s most exciting new ElaZtech® softbaits and ChatterBait bladed jigs, Z-Man proudly announces the official arrival of a truly elite fish-catching combination. Both the new ChatterBait Elite EVO and ChatterSpike™ bladed jig trailer are now available at your favorite fishing retailer.
ChatterBait Elite EVO™

Among the least understood, yet most critical aspects of bladed jig design, precisely controlling the blade’s side-to-side oscillating action keys the ChatterBait’s ultimate success. The ChatterBait Elite EVO features a precision ordered, patented blade to jighead connection, angled to maximize oscillation and the random wandering movements so critical to triggering supertanker bass.

“To promote its easy hunting action, we chiseled the EVO’s head to move with a knuckleball effect,” explains Z-Man pro Stephen Browning, among the top ChatterBait tacticians of all time. “You’ll notice the lure’s blunt nose, convex topside channels and side flanges.” When the lure goes into “wander mode,” Browning notes that these water-channeling contours allow it to hunt freely and erratically; the effect is especially dramatic as you alter retrieve speed.

“To me, the head design promotes a loose, free-flowing action,” he adds. “The lure gets off track unpredictably and then comes quickly back to center. Every cast with the EVO showcases a different subtle action—truly, no two casts are exactly the same. If you’re out to trigger the biggest bass, I can’t think of a better ChatterBait quality.”

Wire-tied 100% silicone skirt increases durability and lifespan.
5/0 custom-built, heavy duty needlepoint black nickel hook.
Precision sculpted jighead contours track deeper and promote arbitrary hunting action.
Hybrid molded split-grip and wire keepers ease rigging and hold all types of soft plastic trailers.
Stainless steel ChatterBlades® in super durable plated, painted and new glitter coated finishes.
Available in 3/8- and ½-ounce weights in 12 exclusive color patterns.

A cultivated, purpose driven ChatterBait trailer, the ChatterSpike enables deeper bladed jig retrieves, while refining tail motion and maxing out hunting action. Composed of 10X Tough ElaZtech®, the segmented, pintail shaped spinnerbait and bladed jig trailer kicks with restrained, high-frequency tail pulses. “If you really want to dial up your ChatterBait’s vibration and hunting action, a ChatterSpike is the ideal bladed jig companion,” reveals Browning.

The specialized bait’s pyramidal cross section amplifies energy transmission from a ChatterBait, working with rather than against blade action and pulsation. “The hydrodynamic shape and discreet performance of the ChatterSpike make it the perfect choice for probing deeper with a ChatterBait,” he notes. “When bass call for subtler trailer action, or I want to expand the natural hunting motions of a lure like the ChatterBait Elite EVO, the ChatterSpike is key—an absolute essential bait in my bladed jig toolbox.”

Pronounced V-shaped tail ridges increase water displacement and subtle quivering motion.
Pintail baitfish profile with segmented body and pyramidal-shaped tail cross section increases ChatterBait vibration.
Dorsal and ventral hook slots ease weedless rigging.
10X Tough ElaZtech superplastic construction yields all-day durability.
4.5-inch size pairs perfectly with standard bass size bladed jigs – available in 10 ChatterBait-matching color schemes.