Wednesday, September 13, 2023

CG Arrests Adventurer for Trying to Cross Ocean on "Hamster Wheel"

According to a criminal complaint, 44-year-old Reza Baluchi is facing federal charges after he was rescued 70 miles off Tybee Island, Georgia by coast guard officials. The marathoner was found on August 26 in his bizarre hamster wheel contraption and asked "standard questions."

"Based on the condition of the vessel – which was afloat as a result of wiring and buoys – USCG officers determined Baluchi was conducting a manifestly unsafe voyage," the criminal complaint says.

The "manifesting unsafe" vessel is a giant metal drum, with inflatable buoys on each side and paddles that are powered by a runner inside. Yep, it looks like an oversized hamster wheel, and is about as seaworthy.

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