Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Idaho Makes "E-Tags" Available to Anglers

Idaho Fish and Game is implementing electronic salmon and steelhead permits to allow “e-tagging” of harvested salmon and steelhead through the Go Outdoors Idaho mobile app starting on April 1. E-tagging will be optional when you buy your permits, and paper tags will still be available for those who prefer the traditional method of tagging fish.

E-tagging will allow salmon or steelhead anglers to “notch” their permits electronically through the Go Outdoors Idaho app. Anglers can use e-tagging while out of cell service, in low service areas, and while the device is on airplane mode. Once an angler clicks “submit” for their e-tagging report, they will receive a confirmation number for each fish that was e-tagged and the record will be fully submitted once they are back in cellular service.

There is no additional cost for e-tagging. Anglers can download Fish and Game’s Go Outdoors Idaho mobile app, and e-tagging will be available April 1 for 2024 salmon and steelhead permits. It also allows anglers to buy a salmon permit through the app and start fishing immediately instead of waiting for a paper tag to arrive in the mail.

Anglers using e-tagging will be responsible for ensuring their phone is charged and functioning properly, just like those using paper tags are responsible for having their tag in possession.

With e-tagging, after catching and keeping an adult salmon or steelhead, anglers will open their e-tagging app and it will populate the current date and time of harvest. The angler will add information through a drop-down menu, such as what river section they are fishing, then the angler submits the information and receives a confirmation code that the fish is legally e-tagged.

The confirmation code will be stored on the Go Outdoors Idaho app on the angler’s phone and available as proof of the fish being tagged whether in or out of cell service. When the angler returns to cell or internet service, that information will be sent electronically to a database where it will be stored.

Anglers buying a 2024 salmon permit will have to choose between a paper tag or e-tagging at the time of purchase and use only that method throughout the calendar year. Anglers cannot use both e-tagging and paper permits in the same year, so anglers who have already bought a paper permit or received one as part of their Sportsman’s Package will not be able to use e-tagging in 2024.

E-tagging is new to Idaho, but is used in many other states for both fish and big game. For more information and a Q&A about e-tagging go to